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Getting to Palermo has always been rather complicated and costly.
However in recent years the situation has brightened thanks to the various low-cost airlines which are dedicating themselves on the island.
Today you can travel to and from Sicily by different means, choosing from the following options.

> by plane
> by train
> by ship or ferry
> by car
> by coach

By plane

Useful information

Airlines: Alitalia, Maridiana, Ryanair, Volotea, Easyjet

International Airports: 

Palermo: Falcone-Borsellino International Airport – Punta Raisi (Palermo) info - Società Gesap: tel 800.541880, 091.7020409 Fax 091.7020394 . 

Catania: Filippo Eredia International Airport – Fontanarossa (Catania),  info - Società Sac: tel 095.7306266-7306277-7306288

Trapani: Vincenzo Florio Airport – Birgi (Trapani),, Società Airgest: tel 0923.842502 Fax 0923.842367

Lampedusa:  Lampedusa Military Airport (open to public flights in the summer)
Info: tel 0922.970006,

Pantelleria: Pantelleria Airport (open during the summer period)
Info - Società G.A.P: tel 0923.911398- 911817 Fax. 0923.913295

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 By train

During a train trip one gets to look around which is obviously the best way to get to know a country. Getting to Sicily by train (and by ferry from Reggio Calabria to Messina) can be an interesting experience as long as the extreme slowness of the Italian railway connections does not bother you: for example, the trip from Milan to Palermo takes between 17 and 21 hours and from Rome 10 to 12 hours, excluding delays.

For timetable information, destinations and prices consult:

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 By ship or ferry

If you like the sea, have time at hand or are travelling by car or campervan the following companies offer connections to Sicily:
From Cagliari to Palermo and Trapani, and from Napoli to Palermo
From Napoli to Milazzo and the Eolie Islands (Messina). (website only in Italian)
Grandi Navi Veloci:
From Genova and Civitavecchia to Palermo
Ustica Lines:
From Napoli to Milazzo and all of the minor Islands
From Civitavecchia and Napoli to Palermo. (website only in Italian).
From Salerno to Palermo

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 By car

If you are car lovers you can comfortably reach Palermo’s port by some of the ships mentioned above. Otherwise you will have to cross the length of Italy as far as Reggio Calabria (do not forget- Reggio Calabria does not have a motorway, it is a nightmare) where you must take a half-hour ferry trip (which can triple in time depending on traffic). And then? Now you are in Sicily! At this point, be careful of the traffic. The behaviour of Sicilian drivers is not exactly like that of the Scandinavians…
The road situation is quite variable. There are both efficient connections as well as road axes in terrible condition. Besides various state, provincial and communal roads, the Island has four main motorway connections.
A18 Messina-Catania
Approximately 90km long, this is the busiest motorway on the Island connecting the tourist and industrial zones of Catania with the agriculturally advanced zones of Ragusa and Siricusa. There is motorway fee.
A19 Palermo-Catania
Approximately 200km long, this section of motorway connects two of Sicily’s main cities. There is less traffic than the A18, making it somewhat faster and safer, if not for its habitual road works along the way. There is no sea view, but to make up for it in spring, autumn and winter you pass by very green fields and hills.
A20 Palermo-Messina
Covering a distance of approximately 215km, this stretch of road has many tunnels and is travelled by many heavy vehicles. It has taken a long time to complete the road and there are still lots of road works along the way. There is however a breathtaking view of the Tyrrhenian sea. There are motorway fees and the general road condition is not good.
A29 Palermo-Trapani-Mazara del Vallo
This is a fast motorway covering 115km from Palermo to Trapani it takes just an hour. At a distance of 30km is the Falcone-Borsellino International Airport.

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 By coach

A modern and well-equipped means of transport. The coaches do however have the same defect of slowness as the trains mentioned above. The trip from Milan to Catania takes about 21 hours.

Sais Trasporti - Daily connections from various towns in Sicily to Rome.Information: tel. 095/536 201 - Website only in Italian

Autolinee Segesta - National connections from Sicily to Puglia, Rome, Milan, Bologne, Urbino and Mestre and international connections to Belgium, France, Switzerland and Germany. Information: tel. 091304106. Website only in Italian

Airport Coach Palermo (Company Prestia e Comandè)

From Palermo

from h 4 am to 11:30 pm (from 5 am every half an hour)

From the airport

from 5 am to 00:30 (from 6.30 every half an hour)

Ticket (one way) € 6,30

Stops from Palermo Central Station

1. Piazza Giulio Cesare (Central Station)

2. Via Roma (Rinascente) after 5 minutes

3. P.zza Ruggero Settimo n. 19 (Politeama) after 10 minutes

4.Via Libertà n. 45 (P.zza Croci) after 10 minutes

5. Via Libertà n. 95 (dopo P.zza A. Gentili) after 10 minutes

6. Via Libertà n. 171 (ang. Via Rutelli) after 15 minutes

7. Via Libertà n. 203 (ang. Viale Lazio) after 15 minutes

8. Via Croce Rossa n. 125 after 20 minutes

9. Via Alcide De Gasperi n. 187 after 20 minutes

10. Via Belgio n. 25 (last stop od the AMAT public transport) after 25 minutes

11. Airport (arrival scheduled after 50 minutes)

Stops from the airport

1. airport

2. Via Belgio n. 2 after 20 minutes

3. Via Alcide De Gasperi n. 82 after 25 minutes

4. Via Croce Rossa n. 56 after 25 minutes

5. Via Libertà n. 106 (ang. Viale Lazio) after 30 minutes

6. Via Libertà n. 80 (ang. Via D’Annunzio) after 30 minutes

7. Via Libertà (di fronte al civico n. 89) after 35 minutes

8. Via Libertà n. 42 (P.zza Croci) after 35 minutes

9. Via E. Amari n. 170 (Politeama) after 40 minutes

10. Via Roma (Vucciria) after 45 minutes

11. Piazza Giulio Cesare (Central Station; arrival scheduled after 50 minutes)


Norman Palace and Palatine Chapel



From Monday to Saturday 8:15-17:40

(last admission 17:00)

Sundays and Holidays 8:15-13:00

(last admission 12:15)


N.B. Every Sunday between 9:45 and 11:30 and during all te other religious cerimonies, the Palatine Chapel cannot be visited.

The Royal Apartaments are closed to visitors from Tuesday to Thursday.


Ticket price:

From Friday to Monday and on holidays: full € 8,50, reduced € 6,50.

From Tuesday to Thursday: full € 7,00, reduced € 5,00.


People 65 old or older will pay a ticket of € 5,00.

The reduced ticket is provided for Italian and European citizens between 18 and 25 years, as well as the teachers of public and private schools.


Free ticket is provided for:

  • teachers and students of specialized law courses like Architecture, Conservation of Fine-Arts, Educational-Science and all the law courses concerning literary subjects with special archaeological or historic-archaeological address; or Literature and Philosophy, or the correspondent courses of law of other European nations (students have to show their own ID card and annual inscription to the law course in Italian for Italian students and in English for foreign student-bodies);
  • teachers and student-bodies of the Academy of Fine Arts or the corresponding European institutes (the student-bodies have to show their own inscription document written in Italian or in English);
  • European tourist guides who escort their groups in the exercise of their duties (showing their own professional card licensed by the competent authority);
  • European disabled citizen and a relative or a person escorting the same and having the certifications of the own handicaps according to the social-sanitary institution;
  • European tourist interpreters, when it is necessary their contribute escorting a guide (showing their own professional ID card licensed by the competent department);
  • The operators of volunteer associations which unrolled their own services on the basis of the conventions of the art. 112, comma 8 of the Cultural Activities code, which promotes and diffuses all the knowledges concerning the aforesaid organ;
  • Personnel of Ministry of Cultural Estates and Activities and for those of the Assessorship of the Cultural Activities and of Sicilian identity;
  • Members of ICOM (International Council of Museum);
  • Personnel representing press agency in the exercise of their duties, showing their professional ID card;
  • Honorary Inspectors of Cultural Activities named by the Assessor of the aforesaid Sicilian organ and exhibiting their ID card;
  • Military personnel sightseeing the monumental site, exhibiting their own ID card;
  • Judicial personnel and police forces in the exercise of their own duties;


The same conditions are warranted to citizens of nations out of Europe, in conditions of reciprocity.


Church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti

From Monday to Saturday: 9:00 am-7:00 pm.
Sunday and holidays: 9:00 am-1:30 pm.
Ticket price: 6 €.


Botanical Garden

Everyday (except Christmas and New Year’s Eve).
From November to December: 9:00 am-5:00 pm.
March and October: 9:00 am-6:00 pm.
April e September: 9:00 am-7:00 pm.
May and August: 9:00 am-8:00 pm.
Ticket price: 5 €.


Cappuccini Catacombs

From Monday to Sunday: 9:00 am-1:00 pm and 3:00 pm-6:00 pm.
N.B.From the end of November to the end of March the Catacombs are closed in the afternoon on Sunday.​


Cathedral of Palermo


From Monday to Saturday: 7:00 am-7:00 pm.
Sunday and holidays: 8:00 am-1:00 pm and 4:00 pm-7:00 pm.
Free admission.


Monreale is only a few miles from Palermo downtown but it can be a bit expensive to reach it by taxi.

If you prefer to go to Monreale with public transport you should take the bus AST (Azienda Siciliana Trasport) or the bus 389 (AMAT, the local bus company) from Piazza Indipendenza (behind Palazzo dei Normanni). The bus AST goes directly to Monreale (Piazza C. Inghilleri behind Corso P. Novelli about 200 mt. from the Duomo) while the bus 389 (AMAT) stops at Piazza Vittorio Emanuele (Piazza Duomo). The price of the ticket is about 1,40 € (one way)


All trains:

Bus Palermo- Agrigento
Autolinee Cuffaro

Bus Palermo-Trapani
Segesta Autolinee Palermo call center : + 39 091 342525

Bus Palermo Aeroporto- Trapani porto
Segesta autolinee, Palermo call center : + 39 091 342525

Bus Palermo - Siracusa
Tickets can be purchased on line €11, in biglietteria €12, o sul bus €13,50.

Bus Palermo- Piazza Armerina- Enna
Autolinee Sais

Bus Palermo- Catania
Autolinee Sais

Bus Palermo-Segesta

Bus Palermo- Riserva dello Zingaro
Autolinee Russo

Bus Siracusa- Ragusa, Siracusa-Noto

Bus Trapani- Agrigento
Autolinee Lumia 

The best way to go from Palermo to Trapani and return is to take a bus.
The company is called Segesta and and their buses leave quite frequently (nearly every hour) from the Central Station and Via Turati (Politeama theatre)
Tickets: 9,00 € , A/R 14,50 €

If you want we can provide you a tailored tour of Palermo by taxi, with a driver that would stop anywhere you want and wait for you while you are inside the monuments etc. The price for a taxi up to 6 people is: h/d €120, f/d €150.
Let us know if you want to book it!
Otherwise there is a free shuttle running inside the historical centre and passing close to all the main tourist attractions...You will see it around the historical centre, it runs every 11 mins from 6.30 am to 9 pm, and this is the itinerary:
Free Centro Storico BUS (From Porta Felice to Piazza Indipendenza)
Piazzetta Santo Spirito (Porta Felice)- Foro Umberto I- Alloro/Abatellis- Alloro/Cocchieri- Garibaldi Roma/Palazzo Gangi- Roma /Lattarini- Vittorio Emanuele/4 Canti- Piazza Pretoria- Maqueda/Palazzo Comitini- Maqueda/S. Antonino- Stazione Centrale- Stazione centrale/Maqueda- Tukory/Ballarò- Tukory/Porta S. Agata- Tukory/Arcoleo- Tukory/Filiciuzza- Benedettini- Cadorna- Piazza Indipendenza- Calatafimi/Porta Nuova- Vittorio Emanuele/Villa Bonanno- Bonello/Cattedrale- Spirito Santo- Donizetti- Piazza Verdi- Cavour- Cavour/Prefettura- Barillai/San Sebastiano- Mercato Ittico- Piazza Marina- Piazzetta Santo Spirito (end)

To receive a map of Palermo and other tourist material is very simple. We can send you our "Explore Palermo travel kit". You will find, among other things, a Palermo map, bus tickets to visit the city ... More information at P = 173

If your hotel is near the Teatro Politeama, Via Roma or Palermo Central Station, you can take the Prestia and Comandè bus company (service from 5.00 to midnight). The ticket costs 6.30 €. If you prefer to take a taxi, there is a taxi sharing service ()around 10 €) but we can also arrange for you a private taxi transfer from the airport to your home in Palermo and surroundings. The driver will be waiting for you at the arrivals hall, showing a sign with your name above. For more information, please contact us at We will be happy to provide you with information!

Unfortunately, there is not a direct connection between Palermo airport and Catania. You can take a train ( or a bus ( from Catania central station to Palermo central station, then take a bus for the airport, departures every 30 mins (

Have a look at our website page to discover how to do it!

Contact us for more information